LIST OF REQUIRED DOCUMENTS You should come with your Academic documents, a detailed CV and your international passport for the first visit. But subsiquently, you are expected to provide the following

1. Academy Qualifications (O'level, A'level, Degree certificates, Transcripts) and any other relevant certificate.

2. Detailed and edited Curriculum vitae, employment/promotion letter, pay slip, or business/CAC documents. 3. Letter from Sponsor, international passport and proof of relationship between sponsor and primary applicants(if any).

4. Reference letters (One academic and one professional) with letterhead, signature and stamp.

5. Data page of international passport (valid for up to 6months/one year), Birth certificate from national population commission, Local government identity and Marriage certificate (if applicable).

6. English Proficiency result/certificate. 7. Proof of fund,bank statement, sponsors source of income, proof of relationship bw primary applicant and sponsor (Statement should contain, 1yr tuition fee + living expenses + travel expenses).

8. Statement of Purpose

Each country and institution has their intake periods how ever, you can start processing for the next intake. Please contact your counselor at the contact us page of STARHILLS EDUCATION for more info.

Not all country/course requires IELTS please contact your counselor for debriefing however, if you do not meet the requirements, you can rewrite another of request for an English language course Abroad.

Every student circumstances are different but our goal here is to guide you to getting your Visa right the first. So YES, our Counselors will guide you through the process.

If your choosen study destination or the school requires you to write IELTS, then the sooner the better to meet up the requirements of the school and DHA of your study destination.