Guidelines for a Statement of Purpose: The Statement of Purpose document is a mandatory part of the international student visa application process. International Applicants to Australia University are required to submit a Statement of Purpose in support of their intention to study in Australia. Please note that we recommend that an applicant include information on the 16 points below. Each applicant will need to provide information in their own words addressing the points as they relate to their individual circumstances. The points below are a guide only. Please attach your responses to your application as a PDF document.

1. Information about applicant’s family background. If married, details about spouse, spouse education and qualification level, spouse career information and date of marriage.

2. Detailed information of academic career starting from Year 10 / High School to the highest qualification undertaken by the applicant including Date, Month and Year of commencement and Date, Month and Year of completion.

3. Detailed information of work experience gained if any including Date, Month and Year of commencement and Date, Month and Year of completion. Information on how your employment history is relevant to your current qualification/s and potential future studies in Australia.

4. Gap explanation, you should be able to show what you have been doing since you left school.

5. Information regarding research done on similar programs/courses being taught in home country.

6. Information on research/comparison between USA, UK, Canada, UK and Australia as a study destination and reason for not choosing to study in home country.

7. Reasons highlighting why country is the preferred destination.

8. Reasons highlighting why applicant has chosen to study in country university - Information on comparison of country university with other universities would be desirable.

9. Knowledge about Australian university – Applicant should be able to demonstrate knowledge about the university, its origin, number of campuses, student support services etc., information of accommodation options near your chosen campus.

10. Awareness about the chosen course – Applicant should be able to demonstrate knowledge about the course, total duration of the course, total number of units/subjects, number of core / elective units/subjects, teaching outcomes and internship element if applicable.

11. How the program will benefit the applicant in career growth?

12. Detailed information on future career plans – highlighting the intended area/job title/designation and targeted companies for employment upon returning to home country and expected salary (please note the quoted expected salary should be realistic and based on market/industry trends).

13. Proposed action plans on how the career plans will be achieved?

14. Reasons highlighting the incentives to return back to home country – family circumstances, family assets, possible job prospects etc.

15. Provide supporting documentation if you have commit any crime and immigration history particularly relating to Australia, Canada, New Zealand, the UK or the USA.

16. Address other issues that may impact on your student visa application such as political and economic issues in home country.

17. Cost and Benefit Analysis – Provide how the amount being invested to study in Australia with international degree will be of benefit after returning back to home country highlighting short term goals, mid-term goals and long term goals.

18. Obligations of a student under higher education visa subclass 500.

19. Include your address and address of institution

20. Declartaion and signature / Date.

As stated above, these are just a few points that an applicant may use in his/ her Statement of Purpose (SOP). We would strongly urge the applicant to write their SOP in their own words. Please ensure that the applicant does not quote phrases stated by others or copy any information from example SOP’s on the internet.

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